FREEDOM !!! ??

Today is the day when we see all Hindustanis and many more people celebrating the Independence Day. A day when India got Independence, a day when the Indians wrestled out themselves from the chains of slavery of the Britishers. A day when the breath of freedom surrounded India’s atmosphere. A day when justice was made to the effort of all the heroes who sacrificed their entire life for the Freedom of the country, for the Freedom of you, for the Freedom of us – all.

But for all the fight, all the sacrifices, for all the doings and all the struggle that lead to this glorious day that we call The Independence Day – just a day of celebration ? Just a Day !

I ponder over this day today. I want to see the Freedom that my country men are celebrating. I see not that what you celebrate today. I understand not what you define as freedom. I see different freedom for different people. Freedom is conditioned on your status, money, power, identity and so much more. Should i call this Freedom ? A man kills and he is set free and another man kills and he was hanged. So could we say – one has the freedom to do whatever they want and another cannot ? A women fears to walk the deadly path where she knows an innocent girl her age was raped and killed . Is she free ? Education today chooses pupil, the child cannot choose education – so is this freedom ? People kill each other in the name of religion – is this freedom ? Superstition still prevails in entire country and people live life on those superstition – is this freedom ? You are overburden with emi’s, with things that you cannot afford – is this freedom ?


Where is the Freedom that you are celebrating ? Lets face it – don’t mock yourself – you are more enslaved than you ever where and than you ever think you could have been. You are slave to everything around you. You are like the bird who thought it was free – until one day it thought of flying and realized that the wings are no more – cut long ago.

It is no more the Britishers that are enslaving you. They have gone long ago. You could celebrate as many freedom days as you could – nobody stops you from doing that. But its time you – all – ask yourself – Am I FREE?

You were free – once – in the womb of your mother, not any more. The world was not designed for Freedom – it is only designed for slavery – at large. People who realized the true meaning of freedom – designed a new world around them with others who understood that freedom – many of them.

FREEDOM is the language of heart. A language only a free heart could understand .




Slow Down…A Bit….

Right from the childhood he was told to be 1st in class, be 1st in competition, be 1st in everything that he did. With the same understanding a child grows – competing and struggling to be 1st or somewhere near the 1st rank. Once the school and college is done – he jumps into the corporate world (most likely), and here the race becomes more gruesome. Every boss and mentor he meets pushes & gives an understanding of the competitive corporate world, about how difficult it is to rise, how much he needs to work and blah blah.

Till one day he sits and realizes – am i here to compete ? am i here to be 1st ? am i here to run my whole life ? am i here to spend most precious time of my life running to be 1st or 2nd, and in which race are we in ? am i here to earn money ? am i here to live a borrowed life ? ………….. Ain’t i here to live a life ?ain’t i here to enjoy the wonders of the world around ? ain’t i here to live everyday and every second of my life in my own way ? ain’t i here to relax and enjoy the cool breeze pass through my hair or to smell the flowers in the garden ? Ain’t i here to spend my days with my loved ones ? Ain’t i here to love animals and humans ?

That one day he gets an understanding of real life. That one day he shreds away an understanding that was imposed or borrowed. From that day life became simpler for him. He found an answer to his questions, and those answers opened a new world for him.images (1)

A world of love, a world that seemed more closer to the creation, a world that shone with the lights of the divine, a world that has ample for everyone, a world of beauty and charm, a world so magnificent that it provided enough to live a peaceful and happy life. A world that didn’t speak of race and competition but a world that spoke of walking hand in hand, understanding, helping and creating.

From that day he listened to his heart very carefully, with no fear of system, with a new understanding of the world around, with more love in heart and with no competition in mind he slowed down his life, spending as much time with himself, with nature , with the loved ones and started doing things which he loved and liked. He not only started getting what he wanted in life, he met peace, love and happiness in his new phase of life.

So slow down a bit. stop ! watch ! enjoy ! Enjoy each second as it pass, with awareness of the beautiful world around us.

The only worth you could give to your life is giving it an experience that’s worth re-living !!slow-down-image


Mantra for a high energy lifestyle

In today’s world with so much pollution, rush, and chemically abused food intake, its very difficult to keep your energy levels high all the time. Fatigue takes over us more frequently than ever. This happens for various reasons – untimely sleep, junk food intake, too much of alcohol intake, worry, tension and less or no exercise. Forget about multitasking, most of us fail to keep those energy levels high for our daily tasks. Many in their daily rush of work and family engagement fail to understand the importance of keeping their energies intact. Lack of energies results in irritation with people and work around, it results in under performance, it results in non creativity, it results in sluggishness and many a times it could also lead to depression and demotivation .

People really fail to acknowledge a fact that if their energy levels are high, they could do wonders in all fields of their life. People who are making wonders – are people with very high energy levels and they work hard to keep this energy level intact – as much as they could.

All those morning exercise, yoga, meditation, eating good, sleeping well, even talking good and positive are tools that keeps those successful ( not rich ) people – healthy and wealthy. All that and more, does more than just physical and mental – it helps keep the energies building up to keep up with the daily routine and work. If we all inculcate few very simple habits in our daily routine, we could definitely see the difference. You could feel the difference in spirit with which you play your day.

  1. Eat healthy: This is most important. Our body needs to be taken care of. Eating healthy makes our inside as well as outside strong. Try to have as much natural food intake as possible. Anything that is unnatural will have a negative effect and lowers the energy. Avoid all packaged food and snacks – as far as possible.
  2. Exercise: Any form of exercise is helpful to keep those muscles happy. Stretching, yoga, some jumping around or playing some outdoor games is very beneficiary.
  3. Quit smoking. Quit alcohol: Smoking and alcohol kills one’s stamina and so affects the over all energy levels. Very occasional drinks and that too in small quantity, incase desirable is OK. Until you want to be a fitness freak .
  4. Meditation: One of my favorite and must do’s on the list. Meditation is one such formula that can have multiple benefits – mental and physical. It empowers you from within and the goodies is a long list.
  5. Dance: Yes, this is one thing that would not only make you move, but it also brings in cheer, improves balance and spatial awareness and much more. Dance even when you don’t know to dance.
  6. Walk: Brisk walking at a park has its own perks. Walk barefooted and connect with the earth below. Feel the energies that you receive.happy-people-in-the-poppy-field-1280x800-wide-wallpapers-net
  7. Connect with nature: Nature is not only supportive to our life, it also helps us relax. One thing that can help get your mind back into gear is exposing it to restorative environments, which, research has found, generally means the great outdoors. One study found that people’s mental energy bounced back even when they just looked at pictures of nature. (Pictures of city scenes had no such effect.) Studies have also found that natural beauty can elicit feelings of awe, which is one of the surest ways to experience a mental boost.
  8. Get connected to people : Talk to people who appreciate your work and you – This is a booster. Spend time with people who make you feel good. Good words and appreciation helps keep your spirits high for life.happy-child-awesome
  9. Smile, Laugh, Giggle: Keep your childhood alive till the end of life. Smile, laugh and giggle as much as possible. Happy people tend to be more energetic and life will always have a lot of reason to smile and laugh.
  10. Listen to music: Music is magic. Music can sooth, music could energize, music could relax, music could make your feel better – so keep it on. Hear music that you feel gives power and motivation.
  11. Do things that you love: Nothing could beat this one. Anything that you love doing and are passionate about rejuvenates your soul.

Creating A Blissful Life

A beautiful & blissful life is achieved by practice – a practice of living a meaningful & peaceful life.

A blissful life is not a days work, it takes time, energy, effort and regular practice to reach a point, where every moment of the life is full of energy and utmost joy. People who understands that there is such a life possible and works towards it are ones who are lucky. Lucky are those who lives blissfully.

What is a blissful life :

— a life of extreme content — a life of extreme joy — a life of extreme calmness — a life full of ecstasy — a life full of love — a life full of beauty — a life full with richness of life. 8b43e3ebfede2c1c218ee6b4d8eeaea0

This would seem a fantasy world to many, and yes this could be – the truth is this fantasy world is possible. Many are experiencing this and so could you.Lets see few practices that would help you get closer to such a world :

  1. Be Grateful : In all situation of life, do not forget to take time to thank the higher energies for this beautiful life. Be grateful for what you have in life. Before you ask for more from life, you need to understand that, that what you have, at any given time of life, is precious.Never compare your have with have not’s, only a fool does that.
  2. Treat Your Body Like A Temple. Remember your health is one of the most important asset you have. Stop abusing your body in any form. Exercise daily, eat fresh and good.
  3. Be Mentally Fit : Like body, the mind(brain) is also an organ which works tirelessly. This organ also needs to be fed. Feed it with beautiful thoughts. What you think you become ! Mental health has to be taken care of to live a wonderful life. You thoughts play a very very important role in every aspect of your life. Good thoughts always attracts good. Its like a magnet. The power of thoughts are amazing, use it to get good things in life. Meditation is the best exercise to keep your mind super healthy. Make it a daily practice.
  4. Be Calm & Quiet : Learn to sit quietly without doing anything. Keep your calm. During the day take out time, 15-30 mins to just sit and relax. Watch the world around you as things happen. DO NOT interpret anything. Let the thoughts that come by to pass as it is. Remember not all thoughts need your engagement.
  5. Do What You Love : Everyday make sure to do one thing that you love to do. Ideally a day spent doing things that you love to do is the best day. This work could be anything that you enjoy doing.
  6. Be Creative : Do some creative work. Get engaged in something creative. If you haven’t found your creative string still, join a class and learn a creative work.
  7. Explore Life : Life in all sense is an experience. Don’t be afraid to explore new things in life. It is always worth the chance. Don’t dwell into something that’s too frustrating for you, better explore something new in life. Many would say its a risk, but then the risk is of much worth than to succumb to life without risking anything.
  8. Be Happy : Learn to be happy. Being happy is a habit – a habit that comes from practice – a practice that comes from effort. Being happy is your birth right, nothing can or has the power to take it away  from you. Always carry a smile on your face & see how the world smiles to you.
  9. Live In Present : Train your mind to focus to the present moment. A mind wanders every where, more to past as it is a repository of all our experiences. Put all your focus and energies to the present moment. Enjoy small things – ironing clothes, washing 9a18cfb794e0a523dc5ff5c2f9a6cf10dishes, cooking – see the beauty in what you do and how you do. Plan for future & analyse your past at times, but don’t live in it. Remember the only true moment in your life and every bodies life is this – Present moment.
  10. Do Things That Add Value To Your Life : We do a number of activities in our 24 hours of time, ensure the activities are the ones that add value to your life. Make more sense of your duties and responsibilities you take hold of. Enrich you day and life by doing things that adds value to your life. Omit things that doesn’t add value to your life.
  11. Be Positive : Look towards brighter side of life or situations. There’s always a positive side to things. Start looking beyond the negatives. Instill so much positive in yourself that there is no place for any negatives.
  12.  Practice Giving : Giving is an art, learn this art of giving. Remember the more you give the more you get.
  13. Be With Nature :  Be close to nature. We are but nature. Thinking we are different form nature is not true. Be as close to the nature as possible – there is a lot that nature gives apart from food to eat and oxygen to breathe.
  14. Read : This is a wonderful habit and helps to get a first hand experience from people who had been there and done that. Read what seems relevant to you and your life.

You will find similar view points across all books, platforms and from people around the world. Any change will take place only when action is taken. Reading creates awareness and understanding. Doing is the only way to achieve your life goals.

Thanks for reading.