Before starting Meditation

We all know the benefits that meditation carries. This one tool has been working beautifully and effortlessly since ages – as long back as 3000 BCE. The best part about meditation is that – it has no side affects – all that it has is benefits and benefits. Various aspects of meditation helps us relieve mental as well as physical pain and also helps us cope up with lot of ailments.

As I say, knowledge is ample today – everywhere – what at large people miss is the understanding. Knowledge without understanding is like a car without wheels – you could sit inside the body, play with the steering, listen to music – but the very intent of being in a car is lost.

So before we start meditation – its really important to understand – What meditation is ? What happens in the process ? How to get utmost benefit from meditation ?

  1. What is Meditation ? —  Meditation is a tool, a practice that helps us calm our mind. It is a device that helps us to clear the chaos in our mind that is developed over years  – due to external agencies – happenings, past, experiences and also to clear the chaos that is created because of future events – expectations, lot of plannings, desires. In a sense it is tool that brings you closer to your present – it brings you to your NOW – Your ONLY TRUE MOMENT.                                                                          Meditation is a science that helps us better understand the two amazingly super powerful tools – MIND & BODY . Our entire world is an expression of this body and mind and understanding this helps us create experiences that are exactly or even nearer to what we want. Meditation is NOT about disconnecting its about Connecting. The process talks about disconnecting in many places – it is only to connect again. Meditation is the gateway to go WITHIN.
  2. What happens in the process ? —  There are various ways and techniques to meditate. All eventually leading to the one and the same happenings – cleansing mind & body, understanding the connect between – mind, body and soul and preparing to get a tuned to the natural (effortless) flow of the Universe.
  3. How to get utmost benefit from meditation ? — A very crucial and IMPORTANT question. Though the practice or techniques of meditation seems very easy to do – it REALLY ISN’T that easy. To receive an utmost benefit of meditation remember the following points ( sacrosanct) :
  • SET CLEAR INTENTION/s – Understand why you want to meditate ? What is that you are looking to add into your life through meditation ? Keep recalling these intentions again and again.
  • BE DISCIPLINED – Lot of people fail because they cannot or does not bring meditation into a routine, disciplined act. A discipline is a MUST MUST MUST . Once it gets into your routine life – its just a few moments of conscious peace that you practice everyday – Its all that easy and soothing. MAKE IT A HABIT.
  • REFLECTION – Always take small bit of time to reflect onto your meditative time. Best is to have a journal to write about your experience/s. Notice and realize your own experience (What it is doesn’t matter).  DO NOT REACT, just let it flow.176518-The-Brain-Before-And-After-Meditation

NOTE : Sleeping is an unconscious meditation. Creative work is an unconscious meditation. Relaxing is an unconscious meditation. All these moments heals us, makes us joyous and happy – Imagine what experiences could happen when we CONSCIOUSLY MEDITATE. And even more, imagine what transformation could be brought to the world if its done Collectively !!


Goa, Candolim October 2016

Goa has been and will be my favorite holiday destination. I usually be here almost 2-3 times a year. Whether its for parties, fun, relaxing or just like that 🙂 , nothing beats this place and there are thousand reasons i could quote…later though :). I totally love Goa for everything .

So it was after my Varkala trip the same month(October end) i headed towards Goa for a small 3 day trip during Diwali.Nothing Diwali special in Goa as such. This time no driving, i took a bus from Mumbai to Mapusa on the evening of 28th October, 2016. Reached Goa early morning on 29th. As soon as i got down the bus, i took a long breath, as if this was the air i so desperately wanted to inhale.The freshness and the Goan affect is just an amazing feeling.

Sunset @ Candolim beach, this beach is comparatively less crowded to beaches at north goa

I took a scooter @inr 900 per day rental and left. Rented scooter is best for Goa commute. I already had my booking done at Ruffles @ Candolim. The place is nice with pool and small cafe inside. Candolim is my personal favorite to stay at northern part of Goa. Why Candolim ? 1st its proximity from party places – Anjuna, Baga . 2nd, its crowd is much better and lesser to other parts in northern Goa. 3rd, it houses some of the best restaurants and cafes.

The very first day, i stroll down Candolim roads, had Kings(the beer) and delicious sea food @Kisherman’s Clove – they serve mouth watering sea food. Evening i spent near Candolim beach watching the sunset, the sea at large and sipping some beer. Late night it was @ Titos, Baga and late dinner at the shacks near by.

Second day, i took the camera and started early morning to explore nearby areas-

near Sinquerium beach, a small walkway behind Vivanta Taj

aguada jail & fort, Sinquerium beach, some woods, private secret villas, roads that signed – private property, and a boat manufacturing workshop. This is the best part of my Goa trips – it always has enough to explore. Evening i went club hoppin – @Curlies and my best – @Shiva valley(i love tis place of all)…Late night i drove to Hill Top to attend a trance party. This was the first time that i attended a wet trance party…under the rain. It was trippy and i loved it.

Last day, got up easy and late, after a full night party. Checked out of hotel by 12 had biryani @ De Candolim Deck (must try) and went to old Goa to spend some time just driving around. Evening went to Spice Goa a small restaurant in Mapusa . They serve authentic Goan food and one who wants to try some real good Goan food should visit this place. Its far from beach and parties, but the serving is a worth. So before boarding my bus to Mumbai i got an authentic taste of Goa.

Cheers…shall visit again …soon !!!

Mumbai to Pune – Expressway

Ok today it has been different from all other times – driving to pune from mumbai on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway.

I have been travelling Pune – Mumbai and vise versa since years now. Mumbai-Pune expressway drive, one that has been recommended to all who love driving and travelling.

For ample reasons – one for the wide and long strecth of smooth road, second the secenic beauty along the high-way – the mountains, the greenery, the tunnels, the clouds and rain (esp when passing lonavala, khandala) and yes for the love of drive.

The drive is just too amazing during the monsoon. People who love driving should put this on their list .

So early morning started off from Mumbai – Saturday morning around 5:30 am. Cool weather, pleasant breeze and cloudy.

I got in my red Polo, put some good music on and accelerated towards Pune.

The music was loud and i enjoyed the drive out of Mumbai. As it was early morning and Saturday, was blessed with least traffic on the way.

Something was different today, i just felt it was not normal. Though i was happy and cheerful as i usually am when i m on such drives but there was something more to the drive.

As soon i touched the high-way, the music just went from a loud edm to a sudden calm meditative music. Somehow i didn’t feel like changing it, i just let it play. The sudden bang in my head and ears eased out. My drive became as calm as the music itself.From 140km/hr i slowed to 100km/hr, thats normal on the expressway.

As i drove ahead i started noticing everything around me more clearly. Suddenly the presence of everything that was moving along with me enhanced, as if everything could see me happily driving. I started smiling seeing this. It was strang and beautiful at the same time.
The trees that where dancing with the wind seemed whispering with each other. It seemed as if they spoke and giggled among themselves.

In my rear view mirror and side mirrors i saw the black cloud following me, like it was chasing to shower itself on me.

This had rarely happened with me. Though i did connect with the nature everytime i drove to such places and felt completely in love with it, this time it seemed as if the nature was in love with me.

It was one of the best time and moment for me. The feeling was overwhelming and to it added the light bright green bushes, tress and plantation on either side of me.

One side was the more calm green that rested and covered the large stones and on the other side was small lovely bushes that danced along the highway.

When i slowed down, i could feel some cars just zooming ahead of me, moving in the same direction…probably to the same destination. Some in Mercedes, some in BMW, some in same as mine and some in others, but all headed towards the same direction.

Something just struck me, felt what if Life is just a journey that we all are travelling here…on this Earth ?

What if we are just travelers to this beautiful planet ? What if we have just build and destroyed on our journey to somewhere else ?

Cars that zoomed in this journey seemed be missing so much of the journey itself. The beauty of the moment.

May be moving slow was the way to live here, enjoying what was already there for us. Relishing the creation, seeing, feeling, loving and being loved.

The road seemed just a medium to stay on the journey, all destinations seemed same at that particular moment.

Some rushed through it, some went calmly.Some where in lavish cars some in ordinary .The point was to be in a car, that was basic to be there. Like earning the basics of life (doesn’t stop from earning the best) and being happy, but still not wrong in wishing to drive the best, if you learn to be in the moment.

My thoughts, my mind and myself felt like floating in a different ocean. The music had added to my situation.

At an instance i realized a small pain, a hurt in my heart that i had been carrying for while now.

On the other hand i realized that these are emotions that we carry, and somewhere i was lucky to know how it feels to get hurt (some may say its insane)…but yes i genuinely felt lucky for all the emotions that i had dealt with till date – thats a part of being human.And more than that, i felt and i have learned to move, getting to know what emotions really are.  Its a natural reaction of our inner self to the outer world.
It only creates problem when we hold onto the emotions – good or bad and don’t let them pass.

After an hour finally the cloud managed to catch me and burst on me, just on me….and then everywhere as far as i could see.

Light shower of rainfall mesmerized my already trance state.

I felt one should definitely take such small solo trips alone – if they have too many questions from Life….or even if they don’t.

The magic was that as soon i was about to touch Pune, the music ended and got back to some normal edm track.

Whatever it was, i was amazed with the drive that day. I reached Pune with a carzy calmness within me.