Creating A Blissful Life

A beautiful & blissful life is achieved by practice – a practice of living a meaningful & peaceful life.

A blissful life is not a days work, it takes time, energy, effort and regular practice to reach a point, where every moment of the life is full of energy and utmost joy. People who understands that there is such a life possible and works towards it are ones who are lucky. Lucky are those who lives blissfully.

What is a blissful life :

— a life of extreme content — a life of extreme joy — a life of extreme calmness — a life full of ecstasy — a life full of love — a life full of beauty — a life full with richness of life. 8b43e3ebfede2c1c218ee6b4d8eeaea0

This would seem a fantasy world to many, and yes this could be – the truth is this fantasy world is possible. Many are experiencing this and so could you.Lets see few practices that would help you get closer to such a world :

  1. Be Grateful : In all situation of life, do not forget to take time to thank the higher energies for this beautiful life. Be grateful for what you have in life. Before you ask for more from life, you need to understand that, that what you have, at any given time of life, is precious.Never compare your have with have not’s, only a fool does that.
  2. Treat Your Body Like A Temple. Remember your health is one of the most important asset you have. Stop abusing your body in any form. Exercise daily, eat fresh and good.
  3. Be Mentally Fit : Like body, the mind(brain) is also an organ which works tirelessly. This organ also needs to be fed. Feed it with beautiful thoughts. What you think you become ! Mental health has to be taken care of to live a wonderful life. You thoughts play a very very important role in every aspect of your life. Good thoughts always attracts good. Its like a magnet. The power of thoughts are amazing, use it to get good things in life. Meditation is the best exercise to keep your mind super healthy. Make it a daily practice.
  4. Be Calm & Quiet : Learn to sit quietly without doing anything. Keep your calm. During the day take out time, 15-30 mins to just sit and relax. Watch the world around you as things happen. DO NOT interpret anything. Let the thoughts that come by to pass as it is. Remember not all thoughts need your engagement.
  5. Do What You Love : Everyday make sure to do one thing that you love to do. Ideally a day spent doing things that you love to do is the best day. This work could be anything that you enjoy doing.
  6. Be Creative : Do some creative work. Get engaged in something creative. If you haven’t found your creative string still, join a class and learn a creative work.
  7. Explore Life : Life in all sense is an experience. Don’t be afraid to explore new things in life. It is always worth the chance. Don’t dwell into something that’s too frustrating for you, better explore something new in life. Many would say its a risk, but then the risk is of much worth than to succumb to life without risking anything.
  8. Be Happy : Learn to be happy. Being happy is a habit – a habit that comes from practice – a practice that comes from effort. Being happy is your birth right, nothing can or has the power to take it away  from you. Always carry a smile on your face & see how the world smiles to you.
  9. Live In Present : Train your mind to focus to the present moment. A mind wanders every where, more to past as it is a repository of all our experiences. Put all your focus and energies to the present moment. Enjoy small things – ironing clothes, washing 9a18cfb794e0a523dc5ff5c2f9a6cf10dishes, cooking – see the beauty in what you do and how you do. Plan for future & analyse your past at times, but don’t live in it. Remember the only true moment in your life and every bodies life is this – Present moment.
  10. Do Things That Add Value To Your Life : We do a number of activities in our 24 hours of time, ensure the activities are the ones that add value to your life. Make more sense of your duties and responsibilities you take hold of. Enrich you day and life by doing things that adds value to your life. Omit things that doesn’t add value to your life.
  11. Be Positive : Look towards brighter side of life or situations. There’s always a positive side to things. Start looking beyond the negatives. Instill so much positive in yourself that there is no place for any negatives.
  12.  Practice Giving : Giving is an art, learn this art of giving. Remember the more you give the more you get.
  13. Be With Nature :  Be close to nature. We are but nature. Thinking we are different form nature is not true. Be as close to the nature as possible – there is a lot that nature gives apart from food to eat and oxygen to breathe.
  14. Read : This is a wonderful habit and helps to get a first hand experience from people who had been there and done that. Read what seems relevant to you and your life.

You will find similar view points across all books, platforms and from people around the world. Any change will take place only when action is taken. Reading creates awareness and understanding. Doing is the only way to achieve your life goals.

Thanks for reading.