Individuality – Who You Are ?

Individuality is our Being. One who understands and relate to their individuality – with sense, humbleness and love could just Be – without doing or involving much with the outer world.

The relation to the material world becomes a choice, not a want, not a desire, not something that is pushed, not an obligation –  but out of pure being – out of living. Loving some one is no more an act of any fear or want, it is again a choice – out of Love alone. Doing something is out of an act of enjoyment and not something which is an obligation, which is just to earn something or gain something.

Individuality brings sense to ones living, a need is fulfilled – the need to be needed. There is no running any more, no more struggle, you realize your place in this Cosmos –  the reality showers on you – all the blessings that is yours and yours only.

The chaos and rush – keeps you away from the sense of this Individuality – you are always in places that has no environment that could acknowledge your Individuality. You lose yourself – everyday, every moment –  with no help around. Whatever you fall into you consider that you know it all. Thats the biggest mistake of your life –  that you know it all – this is the moment you kill your individuality – you have closed all doors, no opening for Life to enter – you have already decided you know it all – you are already deceived….

…….Untill one day, this day you realize your innocence again – rite now – the innocence will sprout in you – You would see around – you know nothing – this is the time your knowing starts – this is the time you will be guided – this is the time you will welcome the breeze to touch you, this is the time you will look at the beauty around –  this is the time – you will reflect your beauty – this is the time you will become aware – aware of your Being – not as a weak human on this Earth trying to just make his/her ends meet –  But a human of immense power and sense – who knows how to Live, one who knows Beauty, one who knows – Life.

This is moment your perception to life will shift, the shift is evident – you will shift, the Earth has taken the call –  you will have to move – you are bound to change – no more transformation – change. This is the Beauty of this time. This is the Beauty of this Earth – It knows – You know.

Come out of the dark holes that you are living in since ages now –  no enjoying – not relaxing – not knowing – just doing. Break the chains that hold you – it needs courage – that is the token to Freedom – you have to be courageous – a change is happening inside you –  it needs courage to let it happen, So be courageous. This change will bring you closer to your Individuality – you will become aware of your Being.

You will not follow what is irrelevant, you will not indulge thats not worthy, you will not do without joy, you will not be without Love.


Why your mind is negatively attuned?

Its pretty simple – you have been exposed to too much of negativity – may be in your childhood or may be now – watching, hearing, speaking and then doing.

Sitting on an airplane or a train, what anticipations or outcomes your mind brings to you. Does you imagine about a sudden explosion, or a sudden accident ? Or to say in any given situation of your life, from very small to big, what is the outcome you see or imagine the most – negative or positive ? If its negative then you gotta read this blog, not only for yourself but also for people and the loved ones around you. And if its positive, you should still read for the larger crowd or your loved ones who immediately pops a negative statement before you share or ask them something.

Negativity is purely a state of the outside world – nothing from the inside would ever give a negative response to any happening outside – until the situation demand. Negative attitude could be for a lot of reasons – like fear, personal life happenings or some tragedy that wasn’t taken care of properly. We would not talk about those but something that has been or is the seed of negativity at a much much larger scale. Lets take the more general situations, in everyday life, in situations that humans fall into everyday. Why is that in daily working of the mind, mind gives more negative outcome than positive ?

Well, a majority of this negative attitude goes to the media and a lot to the environment that a child grows in. The environment being – home, people, school and others.

Media is the culprit behind the negativity that has got embedded deep inside humans and this same negativity is widespread in the world today. Remember those movies that you saw when you could not even acknowledge what you are seeing, you may or may not remember, but the fact remains that as a child and as adults, you have and is letting a lot of negativity in your mind through these medium – television, internet, social media, others. A larger part of this negativity goes into your mind without even you realizing anything. The abusive and violence filled movies, serials, and never to forget news – esp Indian news channels. People who had been and are less exposed to negative on television and other media are the ones who see life positively and even life treats them in positive ways.

Indian news channels today are nothing more than garbage bags filled with shit. All the rage, fights, violence shown has created deep rooted negativity in people – people who got attuned to negative thinking are victims to these media channels. A lot of their behavior and attitude towards life and others is due to the curse they have received from the media – unknown, unrealized – they live in their own negativity and push their negativity onto people around them.

The collective psychic of people are negative today because of this reason and a lot these people are struggling, trying to fix their life that is getting tormented because of the poison handed over to them or sweetly injected into them.

Avoid negative media at all cost for yours and your near and dear ones sake. Not only media, avoid negative people, one who impose their negativity on you. Could be anyone – your boss, family members, friends – make them understand, if they understand – good, if they don’t and you can’t make them understand, take a step back –  for your own good health and wealth.

Keeping away from the negatives from the outside world will definitely help you lead a calmer and positive life. In many cases people who learn by this experience, are also the one who immediately starts helping others with their new positive approach to life, cause the moment the negative subsides, positive rises.

Failure – Just Another Perception

Failure is a very common term coined and used in our everyday life. Lot of people would talk about their fear to fail or failure/s of their past that they are not able to overcome.

What if i say, failure is nothing that you have known it like, failure is just a perception and perceptions could be altered to have better things in life. Moreover the term failure is very wrongly perceived. In its true sense, failure is nothing more than an experience. An experience of doing something. The experience is a learning, always, so how is failure suppose to mean what people understand it to be ??

To explain it better, i am sharing the video below where i talk about what failure is and how understanding the term failure could help us in so many different ways.

Check link for video Failure is a myth


Hope this is of help to you. Thanks and Love.

Be amazing ! Be joyous !

Love !!!

What is Love ? – these four letter words ?

Love is not a want, Love cannot be a desire.

Love cannot be with one or some – Love is Entire.

Love is beyond the physical and beyond the mental.

Love is the Beauty that you carry deep inside you.

Love is You.cosmic-body

Love is that purity than could clean any impurity that could be defined in this universe.

Love is Eternal.

Love is that essence that fills the gap between you and everything around you.

Love never wants, Love never desires – it just does one thing – It Loves !

Humans try to bring meaning to everything – even Love ? So they try to define Love – Love is A Bliss. Love – thats in you, in me and in every person on this planet today. It cannot be defined – it could only be experienced. Science has made attempts to define Love – in pulses, in the pulsating heart……does it mean my cells are deprived of Love ? Science may confine Love – Nature doesn’t. Nature carries it, nature spreads it.

Love is the light we all carry inside us – The Beauty !

There are crazy definitions out there – don’t make your heart be confused. Heart is Simple and Loves simplicity in everything – it Loves the calmness – it Loves the silence. In silence and calmness Love dances – Love blossoms. Throw away the heaviness in the mind – let calmness and silence take the heaviness away – make it light. A light mind hears music in every sound and hears a song in every rhythm – and then Love dances and makes you dance.

Don’t Love for reasons, neither Love with conditions. Let Love be un-conditional. Give AND take Love unconditionally. Make everyone feel that what you are – touch everyone with Love.

Sink deep with Love. Rise high with Love.

The ones that you have loved – have reached heights – it was never sheer talent – it is collective Love – Your Love. Media told you to Love your superstars and see where they are – far from the ordinary – cause you have made them extra ordinary – with your Love. Not that they don’t deserve it – just that You too deserve it – everybody around you deserves it. Love is powerful. I quote this example – for you may understand what your Love could define the world like.

Love – Coz that is what YOU are !!


The Conditioned Mind

What is the conditioned mind ? And when do you call a mind being conditioned ?

A mind that is not in its natural state of being – is a conditioned mind. A mind that is entirely a result of external feedings is a conditioned mind. A mind that is not as per the bearers understanding of the world – is a conditioned mind. Humans have the tendency and capacity to condition their mind in ways that would help them and keep them in good healthy environment. That means a child who knows his best, could condition his mind to match best to a life that he wants – question is does the child really know his best? Or does a child know at all?

Result – un counting few – ones who have lived their lives naturally and did what they thought came very naturally to them and ones who understood their conditioning and could re-condition their minds for their good – REST – all are living with a conditioned mind that is a hard crust of understanding / behavior and beliefs that was pushed into the child’s mind from the external world.

Many people have lived or rather i should say – will live their entire life with this hard conditioning – unknown and unaware of . These are people who are rich, successful (in their own terms or society), famous and even the poor, middle class and et all.

The conditioned mind becomes so much you, that you barely understand or have zero clue of any such conditioning. The way you react to certain situations, the way you treat different people, what you talk, what you eat – oh hell yes – your entire life is a result of your hard conditioning that has happened over the years.

Breaking this hard cocoon that the mind becomes is probably the most difficult task anybody could take.

Without ones self understanding and willingness to get better, the conditioning cannot be given away. There are layers of protection that people carry – ego, fear, attitudes, believes, arrogance, ignorance, narrow mindedness, all these and more masks the conditioned mind.

An Unconditoned Mind – Expands

People who have a bit of self awareness and are willing to break the conditioning are the ones who could Evolve into the Better and are the ones who could live a life of A Bliss.

Unfortunately, today there is a much much larger crowd thats living life in a false belief of there own self and are just sleep walking in their daily doings – Unaware, Unconcerned, Unknown and Uninterrupted. These are the same people who have deviced tools and techniques to torture their own self – unknown and unnoticed.

Today, as the world is, we all need to take initiatives to make our self better, to break the conditioning – for one and all. To break the conditioning and understand the world with more love and compassion, with more beauty and intelligence, with more sense and with more humane.

Most important is to really realize the conditioned mind, without realizing, one cannot -cannot get free from the conditioning. Its like – even to forget – one needs to recall first.

A small attempt to bring this understanding to the larger crowd and to help realize people of their conditioning or to make them better understand their minds – I have compiled some pages for you in my upcoming book – ” The Conditioned Mind ” . The book shall take a deep dive into the world of the conditioned mind and how it happens over years.

The book is unbiased towards any idea or thought coz it comes from a person who has closely observed his own conditioned mind and today is a liberated soul.

The book was never an intention –  doing good and helping others always is.



Everybody worship and everybody tends to search for that intangible – the God. The more people search the more It has been hiding. May be people are looking at the wrong places, may be something is missing in the prayers or may be the search needs to come to an end.

Today i see God everywhere and in everything. The divine is all around us, in the sound of the barking dog, in the feel of the swift breeze, in the singing of the birds, in family, in friends and in me. Today i am no more in search of the divine, the God. I have realized It and that brings an end to the search. The end of search is a new beginning of our relation – His and mine. Until you stop your search, you will not realize Him and until you don’t realize Him – you cannot enjoy the relationship – neither does He.

This blog is a small journey of me – in search of the Holy.

My belief in God was very very strong as a kid. As time passed the belief was challenged many times. Every time something went wrong i challenged my own belief in God – that had been my learning from my environment. People blamed God for all mis-happenings and i followed. After my college a small incident happened and i stopped all belief in the God – i became an atheist (as the society knows it). Couple of years of this behavior, a small bait for the ego mind, this continued.

I don’t exactly remember when, but as i grew up i saw myself visiting to temples again, started chanting some mantras too. There was something which was around me and my prayers became more regular. The mantras always had a soothing effect on me and i did more of it. I had found my God – the Shiva. Everything about Him was so appealing and i could only relate to Him – deeply. I became a Shiva worshiper.

During the same time i also hit upon meditation, a tool to help me come closer to Shiva and also to bring more peace – in and around. My rituals started changing with time. I was meditating more and the prayers were vanishing . Every meditation brought me closer to Shiva. My imagination was running high and i was loving every bit of it. Meditation initially was like kinder-garden  to me. I was playing around in my thoughts and my imagination. One thing i had realized was that no matter what your initial meditation practice be like – it will always make you better – clearer .Even a small concentration or an attempt will show you a path. No matter how much cloudy and vague this path may look, you will always have an inner urge to go further , to explore more, to learn more and to question more.

With every meditation and the with the rapidly changing world around me, i started questioning Shiva. As He was near me i had every right to get the answers (as i was thinking) . Never did i receive any answer from Him. As my mediation kept going deep and my questions becoming louder – a strange thing started happening – Shiva was losing his form. May be because i never got any answer, my belief and my mind both started its own game. There were no answers for rapes, no answers for killing, no answers for corruption –  nothing – nothing at all. Finally one day i lost Shiva – as a form, but there was something new that was arising . As Shiva got dissolved – a energy form took His place. I could feel it very clearly, the energy – without form – no structure – just energy. I dropped my idea of any God in any form. I started talking to people that there is no God – its only an energy. With time my belief in any form of God just evaporated. God became formless for me – It had lost all its identity. With this new energy that i found in place of God, i felt more connected , more in harmony – no form – no identity to remember – that meant no form to concentrate to. This was possibly the first stage where i was moving close to meditation – not my playful form of meditation – but true meditation. My inner was becoming calm and serene. The questions that i had – i never got any answer – but then they also disappeared.

That was 3 years ago. I still meditate, with more serenity and purity. There is no search today for the God – because Divine is everywhere, in everything and in nothing. I have felt Him within me, i have felt Him in my parents, i realize Him in the garden of flowers, i realize Him in the air, i realize Him in birds, i realize Him in the sky, i realize Him in everything and i realize Him in nothing.

Creating A Blissful Life

A beautiful & blissful life is achieved by practice – a practice of living a meaningful & peaceful life.

A blissful life is not a days work, it takes time, energy, effort and regular practice to reach a point, where every moment of the life is full of energy and utmost joy. People who understands that there is such a life possible and works towards it are ones who are lucky. Lucky are those who lives blissfully.

What is a blissful life :

— a life of extreme content — a life of extreme joy — a life of extreme calmness — a life full of ecstasy — a life full of love — a life full of beauty — a life full with richness of life. 8b43e3ebfede2c1c218ee6b4d8eeaea0

This would seem a fantasy world to many, and yes this could be – the truth is this fantasy world is possible. Many are experiencing this and so could you.Lets see few practices that would help you get closer to such a world :

  1. Be Grateful : In all situation of life, do not forget to take time to thank the higher energies for this beautiful life. Be grateful for what you have in life. Before you ask for more from life, you need to understand that, that what you have, at any given time of life, is precious.Never compare your have with have not’s, only a fool does that.
  2. Treat Your Body Like A Temple. Remember your health is one of the most important asset you have. Stop abusing your body in any form. Exercise daily, eat fresh and good.
  3. Be Mentally Fit : Like body, the mind(brain) is also an organ which works tirelessly. This organ also needs to be fed. Feed it with beautiful thoughts. What you think you become ! Mental health has to be taken care of to live a wonderful life. You thoughts play a very very important role in every aspect of your life. Good thoughts always attracts good. Its like a magnet. The power of thoughts are amazing, use it to get good things in life. Meditation is the best exercise to keep your mind super healthy. Make it a daily practice.
  4. Be Calm & Quiet : Learn to sit quietly without doing anything. Keep your calm. During the day take out time, 15-30 mins to just sit and relax. Watch the world around you as things happen. DO NOT interpret anything. Let the thoughts that come by to pass as it is. Remember not all thoughts need your engagement.
  5. Do What You Love : Everyday make sure to do one thing that you love to do. Ideally a day spent doing things that you love to do is the best day. This work could be anything that you enjoy doing.
  6. Be Creative : Do some creative work. Get engaged in something creative. If you haven’t found your creative string still, join a class and learn a creative work.
  7. Explore Life : Life in all sense is an experience. Don’t be afraid to explore new things in life. It is always worth the chance. Don’t dwell into something that’s too frustrating for you, better explore something new in life. Many would say its a risk, but then the risk is of much worth than to succumb to life without risking anything.
  8. Be Happy : Learn to be happy. Being happy is a habit – a habit that comes from practice – a practice that comes from effort. Being happy is your birth right, nothing can or has the power to take it away  from you. Always carry a smile on your face & see how the world smiles to you.
  9. Live In Present : Train your mind to focus to the present moment. A mind wanders every where, more to past as it is a repository of all our experiences. Put all your focus and energies to the present moment. Enjoy small things – ironing clothes, washing 9a18cfb794e0a523dc5ff5c2f9a6cf10dishes, cooking – see the beauty in what you do and how you do. Plan for future & analyse your past at times, but don’t live in it. Remember the only true moment in your life and every bodies life is this – Present moment.
  10. Do Things That Add Value To Your Life : We do a number of activities in our 24 hours of time, ensure the activities are the ones that add value to your life. Make more sense of your duties and responsibilities you take hold of. Enrich you day and life by doing things that adds value to your life. Omit things that doesn’t add value to your life.
  11. Be Positive : Look towards brighter side of life or situations. There’s always a positive side to things. Start looking beyond the negatives. Instill so much positive in yourself that there is no place for any negatives.
  12.  Practice Giving : Giving is an art, learn this art of giving. Remember the more you give the more you get.
  13. Be With Nature :  Be close to nature. We are but nature. Thinking we are different form nature is not true. Be as close to the nature as possible – there is a lot that nature gives apart from food to eat and oxygen to breathe.
  14. Read : This is a wonderful habit and helps to get a first hand experience from people who had been there and done that. Read what seems relevant to you and your life.

You will find similar view points across all books, platforms and from people around the world. Any change will take place only when action is taken. Reading creates awareness and understanding. Doing is the only way to achieve your life goals.

Thanks for reading.