Spray Art

This art form is very close to my heart. Spray art/paint had always excited me.This art form is done with spray paints(cans, guns etc) usually on non-porous surface, but its a choice, you can try it where ever you feel like. I remember the first time when i saw some artists(on youtube) performing spray art, i was mesmerized with their work. They are amazing. Since then i always dreamt of trying it. I had no idea of where to actually start from. I had been an artists more used to acrylic, oil and water colors. Spray was something very very new.Rather in India its still not explored like other art forms.To start of with i did some research as to what kind of spray paints are used and a lil the techniques(most important aspect) of using it. I saw lot of videos on youtube and still do, its the best channel for self learning. 

One thing i missed before going ahead was the medium on which it could be or it is mostly used. I went ahead and did my first spray art on canvas, which as till date i had not heard and seen many artists using as a medium. But then art has no rules and i came up with my first spray art form(see below sp.at.01) which was loved and liked by many….Since that day i have been trying to improvise on my techniques and my art to get better and create better.