My Art Work

Though i don’t have any particular art form or style that i work on, my paintings majorly depicts landscapes, abstract, illustrations and human forms.
I love playing with as many painting medium as i can . Right from very traditional acrylic, oil, watercolors to spray, glow in the dark paints, etc. For me painting is my trance moment, that takes me away in my own beautiful world. I also feel such creative art forms is a passive meditation that all artists happens to do, and i love it.
The Undomestic Writer

I don't have any specific genre, my mood is my genre.

Sketching :: Drawing from Observation

Painting to See :: Peindre pour voir

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Sweta Ojha

A Personified Narrative : Defying Reality. Sketching Imageries.

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Make Life Simple


Mother, writer, lover starting a new adventure in India.


This is a site describing my untold feelings through arts and sketches.....


Travel, Life, Love and More !!

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We're retired US expats with a yen for new horizons traveling since 2012 and currently based in Portugal.

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