Individuality – Who You Are ?

Individuality is our Being. One who understands and relate to their individuality – with sense, humbleness and love could just Be – without doing or involving much with the outer world.

The relation to the material world becomes a choice, not a want, not a desire, not something that is pushed, not an obligation –  but out of pure being – out of living. Loving some one is no more an act of any fear or want, it is again a choice – out of Love alone. Doing something is out of an act of enjoyment and not something which is an obligation, which is just to earn something or gain something.

Individuality brings sense to ones living, a need is fulfilled – the need to be needed. There is no running any more, no more struggle, you realize your place in this Cosmos –  the reality showers on you – all the blessings that is yours and yours only.

The chaos and rush – keeps you away from the sense of this Individuality – you are always in places that has no environment that could acknowledge your Individuality. You lose yourself – everyday, every moment –  with no help around. Whatever you fall into you consider that you know it all. Thats the biggest mistake of your life –  that you know it all – this is the moment you kill your individuality – you have closed all doors, no opening for Life to enter – you have already decided you know it all – you are already deceived….

…….Untill one day, this day you realize your innocence again – rite now – the innocence will sprout in you – You would see around – you know nothing – this is the time your knowing starts – this is the time you will be guided – this is the time you will welcome the breeze to touch you, this is the time you will look at the beauty around –  this is the time – you will reflect your beauty – this is the time you will become aware – aware of your Being – not as a weak human on this Earth trying to just make his/her ends meet –  But a human of immense power and sense – who knows how to Live, one who knows Beauty, one who knows – Life.

This is moment your perception to life will shift, the shift is evident – you will shift, the Earth has taken the call –  you will have to move – you are bound to change – no more transformation – change. This is the Beauty of this time. This is the Beauty of this Earth – It knows – You know.

Come out of the dark holes that you are living in since ages now –  no enjoying – not relaxing – not knowing – just doing. Break the chains that hold you – it needs courage – that is the token to Freedom – you have to be courageous – a change is happening inside you –  it needs courage to let it happen, So be courageous. This change will bring you closer to your Individuality – you will become aware of your Being.

You will not follow what is irrelevant, you will not indulge thats not worthy, you will not do without joy, you will not be without Love.


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