Why your mind is negatively attuned?

Its pretty simple – you have been exposed to too much of negativity – may be in your childhood or may be now – watching, hearing, speaking and then doing.

Sitting on an airplane or a train, what anticipations or outcomes your mind brings to you. Does you imagine about a sudden explosion, or a sudden accident ? Or to say in any given situation of your life, from very small to big, what is the outcome you see or imagine the most – negative or positive ? If its negative then you gotta read this blog, not only for yourself but also for people and the loved ones around you. And if its positive, you should still read for the larger crowd or your loved ones who immediately pops a negative statement before you share or ask them something.

Negativity is purely a state of the outside world – nothing from the inside would ever give a negative response to any happening outside – until the situation demand. Negative attitude could be for a lot of reasons – like fear, personal life happenings or some tragedy that wasn’t taken care of properly. We would not talk about those but something that has been or is the seed of negativity at a much much larger scale. Lets take the more general situations, in everyday life, in situations that humans fall into everyday. Why is that in daily working of the mind, mind gives more negative outcome than positive ?

Well, a majority of this negative attitude goes to the media and a lot to the environment that a child grows in. The environment being – home, people, school and others.

Media is the culprit behind the negativity that has got embedded deep inside humans and this same negativity is widespread in the world today. Remember those movies that you saw when you could not even acknowledge what you are seeing, you may or may not remember, but the fact remains that as a child and as adults, you have and is letting a lot of negativity in your mind through these medium – television, internet, social media, others. A larger part of this negativity goes into your mind without even you realizing anything. The abusive and violence filled movies, serials, and never to forget news – esp Indian news channels. People who had been and are less exposed to negative on television and other media are the ones who see life positively and even life treats them in positive ways.

Indian news channels today are nothing more than garbage bags filled with shit. All the rage, fights, violence shown has created deep rooted negativity in people – people who got attuned to negative thinking are victims to these media channels. A lot of their behavior and attitude towards life and others is due to the curse they have received from the media – unknown, unrealized – they live in their own negativity and push their negativity onto people around them.

The collective psychic of people are negative today because of this reason and a lot these people are struggling, trying to fix their life that is getting tormented because of the poison handed over to them or sweetly injected into them.

Avoid negative media at all cost for yours and your near and dear ones sake. Not only media, avoid negative people, one who impose their negativity on you. Could be anyone – your boss, family members, friends – make them understand, if they understand – good, if they don’t and you can’t make them understand, take a step back –  for your own good health and wealth.

Keeping away from the negatives from the outside world will definitely help you lead a calmer and positive life. In many cases people who learn by this experience, are also the one who immediately starts helping others with their new positive approach to life, cause the moment the negative subsides, positive rises.

6 thoughts on “Why your mind is negatively attuned?

  • Isn’t you should learn from your experiences….and experience tells you not be honest and true and loving and joyously because it leads you to remain weak and get victimized…again and again…so doesnt one will sought to bring a change and try to do the opposite..you cannot ask a person sitting next to a volcano to take paracetamol or meditation to cool down..when you starts to see the manipulations and wicked world and its systems…how the hell can one start…


    • Yes we definitely learn from experiences. But what experiences are you talking about here ? With your understanding it seems you have concluded in a limited experience of your life happenings – may be to a situation or a person or a single happening. Limited experiences could only bring out the negative in you. Expand your experiences. Understand Love before you start loving, Loving cannot and has never hurt anyone – it is the expectations that cause hurt. Trying do the opposite is just not a solution, if you are doing so it will never be of any help – dont you want a life with more love and joy ?
      And yes the world could be manipulative?wicked? but the point is not to fall victim to the system, becoming the same, rather be better than the system. And why the heck would any wise person sit near the volcano ???? is he trying to experience the volcano – if yes then drop the fear of what the volcano could do – or understand what volcano could do – it will burn you – understand deep down and sit – that is what you could do- if the nature of volcano is to destroy it will, you are sitting to get destroyed — else go to a beautiful beach, sit near the river, enjoy the birds, why bother the volcano and blame it.


  • Yes life is beatiful..no doubt there is still lot of goodness and no matter what if someone is simple and loving it..he will remain the same but one should know be aware of his surroundings and know how not fall in wrong pit again..learn and accept his and others mistakes..accept that is there and will be..only then he could move on…what u say.

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  • And yes.. i discussed negetivity so do not think i always do so…i am loving life , learning from expreince and have no qualms over anyone ..system is might be little off but i have been lucky to have met some amazing people as well…and u as well.


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