Failure – Just Another Perception

Failure is a very common term coined and used in our everyday life. Lot of people would talk about their fear to fail or failure/s of their past that they are not able to overcome.

What if i say, failure is nothing that you have known it like, failure is just a perception and perceptions could be altered to have better things in life. Moreover the term failure is very wrongly perceived. In its true sense, failure is nothing more than an experience. An experience of doing something. The experience is a learning, always, so how is failure suppose to mean what people understand it to be ??

To explain it better, i am sharing the video below where i talk about what failure is and how understanding the term failure could help us in so many different ways.

Check link for video Failure is a myth


Hope this is of help to you. Thanks and Love.

Be amazing ! Be joyous !

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