Dreams are Reality….

DREAMS are REALITY – live a dream life !!

We all dream of living a happy, content & fulfilling life.  The issue is, for most, the dream and reality seems far apart. More than often, people think that their dream is something that cannot be a reality and they push their dreams farther from their reality. Truth is the Dreams can be Reality. Most disbelieve this as they falter. And they falter for various reasons.

  1. They tend to forget: In a system that we live in, exhaustive and distractive, it’s easy for anyone to forget what their hearts really want. They get satisfied with the temporary feeling of satisfaction, just like a child who suddenly stops crying when a new toy is handed over to him. He keeps playing until he bores or realizes this was not that he was looking for and he starts crying again.
  2. Dreams cannot be reality: Most feel and are made to believe that their dreams cannot be reality. People who have not lived their dream life or even tried are the ones who always ensure to tell this – Dreams are dreams.
  3. The system is ruthless: They system does not want you to live your dream life – yes and it’s a harsh truth that we should realize and understand.
  4. Money is everything: We are too burdened with the idea of earning a lot. In this race many got dissolved and had never been able to get out of it. Most of the people in the race are the ones who at their core think – money is everything and they easily give up their dream for this money. Until one day they realize the truth and they realize that time has flown away with speed.
  5. Distractions: People are too distracted. Thanks to worthless media, politics, controversies etc. Distracted enough to think everything else is important….but their life.
  6. People are lazy: Everybody wants the change, but few could work to see that change happen. The lazy people wants things to just happen – without them doing or even putting an effort to get the change – which doesn’t really work.
  7. People are afraid: This a big, big reason for the mass that thinks they could never achieve a dream life. People fear a hell lot of things – most of which doesn’t even exists.
  8. Lack of believe in oneself: People who have not risked things and have not really played the beautiful game called Life, are also the ones who have minimal believe in what they think they can do. Because they have never tried to really push things around, they have never come across incidents that help boost their self confidence.
  9. Become too comfortable: People become too comfortable with their daily routine of life. They get so habituated to the daily routine and same things around, that any thought of any change makes them uncomfortable. Living a life the same way for years to come makes them so comfortable that slightest of change hampers their happiness and life. And believe it buddy – change is coming, you like it or not.
  10. What to ask from life: People do not know what they want from life. – I have asked this to too many people, most who don’t have a dream, are people who don’t know what they want from life. Even life seems to push them 100 times to understand what they want in life – but people become too blinded.
  11. A beautiful life exists: People don’t know how beautiful a life could really be. They are grown hearing a stupid quote like – Life is full of struggles – A quote from people who could never understand and realize the magical side of life.
  12. Money again: Money would solve all the problems. If this was really the case, then no rich would have ever committed suicide and no rich would have ever been in pain. Truth is not unknown here.
  13. How to start: One last reasons in the list is a big question which every time holds the dreamer back and back into the race – Where do I start from? People who have realized their dream, get stuck at one point – how to start, they get stuck for so long, that at one moment they forget what their dream was.

To every point mentioned above, there is a hidden answer in the point itself. People with a little sense shall find it. People who still fail to get the solution or the hidden answers are more than welcomed to write to me @ rameshlall01@gmail.com, I would love to hear from you.

Stay Healthy! Stay Happy!







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