Visapur – a one day trek

Visapur fort –  long trek (2 hours up) near Mumbai/Pune. This trekking destination is midway to old Pune-Mumbai highway, some 100 km from Mumbai by drive. It is at an elevation of 3,556 feet (1,084 m). It is built on the same plateau as Lohagad. Visapur Fort is larger and at a higher elevation than its twin fort- Lohagad. If you are traveling from Mumbai you need to take the right exactly opposite the road that goes to Kamshet . The drive is good till the trek base and one could drive till the base.We reached the base pretty late – 3 pm due to a road jam near Mumbai. The drive from the Pune-Mumbai highway till the base is smooth and nice. dsc_0190

We also reached late as we stopped frequently to take photos on the way. We drove through some small villages on the way before could reach the base.

Scene on the drive way to Visapur base

The weather was pretty cool and cloudy. Air was fresh and the breeze soothing. It was end of September, 24th to be precise. As we walked the terrain we enjoyed some very beautiful scene around. Cloudy mountains, light cool breeze and beautiful nature. The trek is easy, the only issue at this moment of time, it was only my friend and me all along. As soon as we covered 45 minutes, light drizzle started. We had our wind cheater with us and the light drizzle did make the trek more beautiful. We just hopped that it didn’t rain. As we moved ahead we started hearing sound of water rushing downward from some were in the hills.dsc_0189 It was just amazing – the breeze, the drizzle, the clouds and now the sound of waterfall. There was also a singing peacock that we heard on our walk upwards. My friend was walking some 20 steps ahead of me. At one moment she stopped to look around . She was looking towards the downhill and i too just stopped to take a small watch break. To my utmost surprise and bewilderment i saw a peacock right behind my friend crossing the trek route and into the green on the other side. I was still, like a statue and asked my friend to be the same. Slowly i moved near her and i told her the reason of my surprise and excitement. We both started looking for her into the bushes for a moment. No sign though. I cannot forget the sight till date and the experience was just too beautiful .

After an hour or more, we reached at one of a small village in the hills. It was almost 4:30 pm now and we had walked a good distance. After inquiring regarding Visapur fort, the villagers told it would another hour from there. Also as it was late, they didn’t advise us to go further. It was becoming dark and we just sat near a small 2 room school there, just watching and sitting in silence. After 30 minutes we realized it was becoming dark and we should start for the down trip. We rolled down the hills soon. Till the time we reached our car it was already dark. We started asap, as we had to drive through small roadways crossing the villages. It was complete dark on the way, the only light on the road was of the car. We even lost our way twice and went straight into the jungle. Luckily met a old man on the way who helped us with the direction to drive out.

@ the base village

We were on the main street in 20 mins time. The small time of being in the dark, among the hills & woods with a female friend was a bit scary. Though we came out good from the adventure, it is advised to escape the dark, when traveling alone to such places .

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